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About Valerie

Val's Galore is the Internet home of Valerie Hoy—that is, me! While there are many hats I wear (my pink fedora being a personal favorite), I am probably best known for my work in web design. If you came here to find out more about what I can do for you in that arena, take a look at my portfolio and check out my list of freelance services. If you’d prefer a longer read, I can oblige.

I sum myself up as a “creative professional.” In addition to building quality websites, I also love writing (as you might guess from the sheer length of this page) and have experience in a wide variety of visual arts. Some of them can be found in my portfolio. Others, the ones I consider hobbies more than a profession, are scattered throughout the Silly Side—that’s the section of my website devoted to fun, frivolity, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

In case you were curious, other things that strike my fancy include electronic music, fashion, Doctor Who, decadent desserts, and exploring the great outdoors—as long as it isn’t cold or raining. I’m a sucker for cute animals.

About This Website

Now that you know about me, let me tell you about my Galore.

According to the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, (and in fact, most dictionaries) "Galore" is a postpositive adjective, Irish in derivation, meaning abundant or plentiful. However, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary from 1913, "galore" can also be used as a noun for plenty or abundance. How exciting! Let's bring back this terminology—good words should never die. With this in mind, Val's Galore means "the abundance belonging to Valerie." You will find a little of everything here, and you will find it in plenty!

This website is a work in constant progress as well as my personal playground, so feel free to stop by often and see what I'm doing with the place!

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Val's Galore: Putting the fun in functional!

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